What’s Next is Now—Announcing Teleos

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Teleos, a dedicated experiential graphic design firm based in Austin, Texas. With more than two decades of experience in delivering successful branding and experiential graphic design solutions, we’re taking a bold next step. Teleos will focus exclusively on creating compelling, immersive brand experiences in built environments. 

“The word teleos means ‘the fulfillment of your intended purpose,’ and it perfectly encapsulates what we do for clients,” said Kamela Janke, principal of Teleos. “The purpose of a well-designed branded environment is to create a memorable experience for the people who visit, work, or live there. Our sole focus is helping our architecture and development clients achieve their vision for a project and deliver an outstanding user experience.”  

Experiential graphic design plays an essential role in enabling a built environment to successfully achieve its purpose. Commercial environments must achieve multiple goals. The first is to engage and delight the people who use them. Then, depending on the industry, they must also guide visitors, promote brand loyalty, inform or teach, encourage retail spend, and create a unique sense of place that leaves a lasting impression. 

Tim and Kamela Janke, the firm’s principals, formerly led Janke, a communication design company based in Austin. With numerous architecture and development clients, the Jankes have narrowed their focus to concentrate on experiential graphic design projects. They and their team bring deep experiential design experience combined with a human-centered approach to each project. Teleos offers a comprehensive range of experiential design services that align tightly to project goals and reflect a client’s brand down to the smallest detail. From placemaking with a branded environment approach to integration with other experiential technologies, Teleos solutions are hallmarked by high-quality design. Projects span aviation, conference center, higher education, hospitality, mixed use, multifamily, museum, and retail projects.

“SDC has been working with the Janke team for many years,” says Stephen Hill, project manager for Schlosser Development. “Every project on which we collaborate is successful and very well designed.”

As members of a development or architectural project team, Teleos enhances the project vision—infusing the client’s brand identity and personality into an engaging built environment. Teleos is based in Austin, TX and is a certified HUB/WBE/DBE business. To learn more, visit teleosexperientialgraphics.com.