Teamwork, Purpose and ROI

Teleos concluded 2022 with the completion of a wide variety of experiential graphic programs for various types of architectural projects.

Our focus is bringing out the best in owner / architect / experiential design collaboration, to express the project’s purpose which in the long run, improves everyone’s ROI.

Here are a few ways we supported and challenged our clients in ‘22:

  • Inspiring a time capsule for a new university music building
  • Creating a historical tribute and university pride through large-scale graphic storytelling
  • Discovering the needle in the haystack image, used to enhance a space used for recruiting
  • Designing an EGD program that becomes a standard for all to use
  • Bringing landscape indoors via large-scale graphics, to soften the technology space 
  • Helping Austin’s tallest tower maintain its completion schedule
  • Bringing buildings to life with a bold brand application
  • Challenging traditional fabrication thinking to achieve one-of-a-kind experiential programs

If you would like to see our experiential graphics portfolio, check out our Work page.

We look forward to new connections, challenges and opportunities in 2023!

“The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people pull together as a team.”  ― Simon Sinek