Computer rendering of UTEERC donor wall

Experiential graphics often play key role in philanthropic donor recognition

Janke’s latest experiential donor recognition design, the keystone of The University of Texas Engineering Education and Research Center donor initiative, takes on several functions through the use of different mediums in a highly visible location. The donor wall is the nucleus to a network of individual touchscreen locations throughout the landmark 400,000 sq. ft., 8 story, $290,000,000 building for the Cockrell School of Engineering.

Located in a symbolic transition corridor between a building from the past and the EERC building of the future, the 26 ft. long wall surface displays a list of nearly 400 of the generous building fund donors etched in stainless steel wall panels, while also hosting the 3 large interactive touch-screen digital displays. Video content and motion graphics tile seamlessly across all 3 screens to function as a large wide-screen display. Additionally, each individual display unit can function independently as a donor database kiosk upon user interaction.

Interactive Displays feature:

  • Searching Capabilities
  • The Founder’s Story
  • Building Donors
  • Online Donation Opportunities
  • Annual Donor Programs
  • Endowments and Scholarships
  • Distinguished Graduates
  • Special Programs