Beefmasters will help to rebuild the nation’s cow herd.

We are excited to reveal a new visual identity system and website for G&R Beefmaster, a Missouri based cattle business located in the beautiful Castor River Valley! Owners Gail and Ronnie needed a website to engage potential customers and educate people about the Beefmaster breed. We delivered, a contemporary, yet industry appropriate website that is both user friendly, responsive, and uniquely G&R. The new logo’s smart layout and nod to traditional ranch styling makes a lasting impression.

“Your team has done a splendid job with the G&R website. We are very pleased.”
– Gail Mouser, Owner, G&R Beefmaster

G&R-Beefmaster_Portfolio-Website-Mockups_04AUG15 G&R-Beefmaster_Portfolio-Stationery-Image_04AUG15 G&R-Beefmaster_Portfolio-Business-Cards-Close-Up_04AUG15