Architectural Room Numbering – Don’t get lost in the numbers!

Have you ever had trouble finding the room you’re looking for in a building? Maybe you’ve been turned around in an apartment complex, hospital, or office building. If so, you understand how frustrating it can be when the numbers are out of order or illogically tucked away down a random corridor. It can make visitors late to appointments, get them even further lost — and potentially drive them away.

Room numbering, as insignificant as it may seem in the architectural design process, is a very important experiential component that helps create a positive, stress-free, experience for everyone. When room numbering is done well, visitors are able to find exactly where they need to go without hassle or stress, and the wayfinding signage can be simplified by reducing the amount of messaging – not to mention emergency response times can be quicker.

As you plan your next built project, have your design and planning team make room numbering a priority. Create a numbering sequence that makes sense for your building… your visitors will have a better experience, and Fire Safety and Law Enforcement will thank you.