The new(est) face of Google’s SEO

Google, being the goliath tech company that it is, and the go-to tool for web searches, has once again changed their rules for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – this time for the better. The algorithms that drive the search engine are now calibrated to provide more useful and accurate results. The SEO tactics from 4 years ago are being phased out in lieu of a more practical approach. Take a minute to evaluate how your website initiative stacks up to some of today’s best strategies.

1. Quality content

The traditional tactic of copy saturated with keywords is less important in today’s SEO realm, than having content that is relevant to those keywords. The content on your site needs to be relevant and valuable to your audience. Don’t throw out the keywords completely; instead, create content with semantic phrases built around the keywords as people more commonly search using phrases rather than keywords alone.

2. Mobile-friendly

Mobile searches now surpass desktop searches, so making a mobile version, or the more versatile responsive design for your site is paramount. It’s estimated that this year, there will be as many as 50 billion local searches using mobile devices. A mobile friendly site is a huge step towards generating better search results… and should be on the top of your company’s list of to-do’s this year.

3. Social media

Integrating social media into your SEO plan and website is a valuable tool. Not only does it connect you directly with your customers, but it provides several platforms to distribute fresh content and links back to your site. Be sure to keep the content distributed on these social platforms to the highest standards, and relevant to your audience, to increase its value. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are among the most popular right now, and you can select the most effective, based on your target market.

4. Visual based SEO

High quality graphics, images and video, along with rich text, are high performing assets to include in your SEO plan. Visual elements are getting higher priority in search results over text heavy web pages. And let’s talk video… original video content on your website, linked to YouTube or Vimeo is an excellent way to engage web traffic and provide your viewers a shareable experiences through their social media.

5. Monitor the results

Monitoring page analytics to understand how successful the content and who is visiting the page, is key in helping you meet your conversion goals. If top ranked pages on your site are not generating conversions or sales, you’re missing an opportunity and should adjust content to engage and convert visitors into customers. Try out different keyword phrases in your copy, add more visual elements, and test the call to action.


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