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Risky Business

Have you heard the saying, “no risk, no reward,” or something along those lines. If you aren’t willing to take a risk in some form or fashion, then you aren’t going to end up with a worthwhile result. In economics, taking a small risk with money means you should expect a small reward. Likewise, taking a big risk could mean losing it all – or making more than you ever imagined. It all comes down to what you’re willing to risk in order to gain something meaningful.

This summer, Austin will host the X Games. Circuit of the Americas will be a venue for high-flying Plasma Spins, Caballerials, 540 Double Tail Whips and more by riders on skateboards, BMX and motocross bikes, plus drivers in the 4-wheel categories. Everything boils down to risk and reward for the athletes of the X Games. Pushing their limits is what will wow the crowd and separate the winners from the losers. Old tricks won’t impress, and a new twist is what everyone will remember and what will reap the reward.

In the communication world, Old Spice is a brand that reemerged as an X Games kind of player. The fragrance of our grandfathers took a risky position to redefine the brand for a new generation. With a nod to its historical roots, the brand took on a new twist that is memorable and effectively connects to a younger buyer more interested in skateboarding than in bowling. Its risk wins the prize in making old things new again.

We take on similar risk and reward situations here at Janke. The success we bring to our clients is a result of our teams pushing the envelope in strategy, messaging, and creative. It results in the wow factor that keeps clients coming back and opens the door for us to explore opportunities with new clients.

Marketing and branding today is all about taking a risk in pursuit of the reward for being memorable to each client’s target audience. We believe the risk is worth the reward.