Janke expands services to include design of large scale visual experience for University of Missouri’s TPMC next-gen healthcare facility

While the University of Missouri System is focused on the development of their newest cutting-edge facility, the 275,000 sq. ft, 220.8M Translational Precision Medicine building, Janke’s services have been expanded to include the design of a large scale, floor to ceiling, visual experience for their lobby. The experience will focus on patterns found in nature and the human body as a way to symbolize NextGen’s purpose and mission of transcending scientific boundaries between disciplines to facilitate innovative and ground breaking research.

“Understanding of life begins with the understanding of patterns.”

– Fritjof Capra

Janke is honored to be a part of the project.


Fibonacci Series, Golden Proportions, and the Human Biology
By: Dharam Persaud and James P. O’Leary

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, FIU

Fractal geometry lays the foundation to understanding the complexity of the shapes in nature. In the exploration of the origins of life through mathematics, the occurrence of the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Series and the underlying Lucas series are observed in several aspects of life on planet earth and within the cosmos. Although widely identified in non-biological fields such as architecture and art, it has not been well explored in the human biology. Recent work has begun to explore the understanding of such phenomenon documented at several different scales and systems in the human anatomy and physiology ranging from orthopedics, dentistry, the spiral of the human ear, the cardiovascular system and the human genome. The observance of such a seemingly universal concept begs the question of the origin of life; however, more research needs to be performed to explore its physiological role in biology. Understanding its functional role may be a keystone to making quantum advances in several fields such as artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering designs, and human regeneration, amongst others.