Rebranding of non-profit Building Compassion helps to drive new engagement.

Janke has been busy walking Building Compassion through a rebranding process, which has included carefully redesigning the identity to maintain their brand equity, paper system, multiple marketing pieces, and trade show collateral.

Their Mission…

To provide support when life-altering circumstances lead to inadequate housing. They target community service leaders in the hope to relieve their burden, so they can in turn be more effective at what they do. By providing a team oriented environment everyone has an opportunity to learn, mentor and give.

Their Vision…

To awaken the world to the needs of other people and encourage them to look beyond themselves and take action with compassion.

If you know of a group of 18-25 year olds, in the Central Texas area, looking for ways to serve their community, go to for more information. (New identity coming to website soon.)


Building Compassion is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. It’s not just a play on words. They do the physical construction, but they’re building up people’s lives. They’re building unity in communities as they join together for a single purpose. They’re building compassion in the lives of the volunteers that will affect the coming generations. With people like you, they can empower youth, young adults and whole communities to build, apply and live a life of compassion.

Building compassion also provides the opportunity to work alongside contractors and skilled laborers and receive vocational training. As a volunteer of building compassion, individuals are rewarded with valuable practical skills, hands on experience, self-confidence and the knowledge they can make a difference in the lives of others.