Purdue STEM Lab Experiential Graphics

Janke rolls out Experiential Graphics Program to Purdue University’s STEM Teaching Lab

“As a leading STEM University, Purdue must have the facilities to match the rapidly evolving sciences, and I can’t emphasize enough the pressing need we have for this. In fact, it is the single most important project that we are considering, and waiting isn’t an option.” 
 -Purdue President Mitch Daniels
Janke is honored to be a part of Purdue University’s explosive growth in becoming one of the leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math education by rolling out our first interior experiential graphics FLEX Lab program on campus to this new building. The 111,000 SF, $51M STEM Teaching Lab project will be the first integrated space for the teaching of biological sciences and chemistry on the Purdue campus, and is designed to help strengthen the interdisciplinary bonds between departments within the College of Science and beyond. Janke creates experiential graphics programs that integrate seamlessly into a building’s design, enriching the space and overall user experience. Stay tuned for more as the project approaches its scheduled completion date in 2020.

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