TexasHSFootball.com quickly becoming the go-to Texas football media source

A deep love for football and the Texans who make the sport so great is the genesis that lets TexasHSFootball bring the sport to life through web, social, print and broadcast media. TexasHSFootball is the single source for a convergence of stories and stats that provide insight into the personal passion of players, coaches, teams, schools and cities, and the culture that has an unquenchable thirst for everything the pigskin touches.

The website, designed by Janke, for CEO Brian DeMarco, provides up to date news that start with high school and follows the players and their stories through their college and professional careers – which there are more than 220 Texans active on NFL rosters today. TexasHSFootball uncovers the stories behind the games, the pursuits of perfecting and protecting the sport, and the commentaries and trends that portray the future sport stars of a nation. 

With the extraordinary breaking news coverage and original stories and outstanding professional photography being created and intricately woven into the multiple (highly engaged) social media channels, along with video and radio show initiatives, the website’s fan engagement continues to grow quickly today:

  • up to 15,000 visits per day
  • up to 90,000 visits per week
  • up to 240,000 visits per month
  • up to 75% of its views occur over mobile devices
  • in 2016 alone, visits increased by 480x and visitors increased by 300x

From a UX / UI standpoint, there were several important factors that the team took into consideration:

  • Each decision was based on the brand positioning and user experience desired
  • Clean legible design with simple navigation
  • UX to focus on accessible flowing content with minimal distraction
  • Celebrate the native articles with full frame hero image
  • No ads on the website, but allow for sponsored or branded stories
  • Streamline the photography ratio through the site
  • Provide easy access to the video and radio show initiatives
  • Select a combination of easy to read typefaces that represented the brand well
  • Provide social media links within the native articles for sharing and liking
  • Provide writers and photographers recognition areas
  • Incorporate CTA’s within the article page
  • Incorporate special areas for partner sections video pages
  • Provide simple and intuitive comment system for all articles
  • Offer additional relevant content on all article pages to keep people engaged on the site
  • Implement an easy to read tagging system for categorizing content types (NFL, CFB, HSFB)
  • Create a user friendly mobile experience for the site (up to 75% of traffic is mobile)
  • Build in the flexibility to accommodate additional revenue stream opportunities in the future

TexasHSFootball.com is the adrenaline source for each Texas football fan and the central source that brings them all together in competition, in camaraderie, and in a collective love for the sport. We all know that when a person loves football, it’s a love for a lifetime.