5 Reasons to redesign your company’s website

1. Website, meet mobile

Having your website work properly on multiple devices is the worldwide standard today. It is estimated that mobile users today make up over 27% of web usage, so seize the opportunity now, and don’t drive away potential customers or clients by having frustrating mobile experience that gives your business a black eye.

2. User experience is where it’s at

The user is your potential customer or client, so why not create that “a-ha” experience that makes them want to use your site. When you do, remember… you have roughly 10 seconds to persuade them to stay and explore further. What is “User experience”? It’s the collective efforts of content strategy, user research and interaction design, site navigation, page design, ad placement, audio, motion, and more. Visitors should be able to use your site without becoming annoyed by poor functionality or distracting design features. By improving your users’ experience you can keep them on your site longer and convert more visitors into customers.

3. Control your own content

With a Content Management System (CMS) based website, you no longer have to wait to upload content until your web programmer calls you back. Now you can upload your content on the fly as often as you’d like. Content is key and keeping it accurate is paramount. Keeping your site updated regularly will also improve your SEO. Update your site to a CMS to take back the control you need today.

4. Your website needs a facelift

If your website hasn’t been updated in the last 5 years its time for an overhaul. Web trends are here today and gone tomorrow as web technology evolves every few years. Trendy web design elements can easily date your site and serve as an automatic turn off for your visitors. Flashing buttons, automatic sound effects, and clunky navigation are all things of the past. A simple, clean new look can revitalize your site, and your brand – plus you’ll capture a bigger audience by inviting retaining visitors to your site. They’ll think your up to something new!

5. New brand = new website

If you have an existing site and you’re thinking of rebranding your company, then your existing site will need a makeover. Don’t skip over it. It’s your front door and it’s important to make your site a priority… your competitors are. The opportunities are here. Start budgeting now.