Cash America’s history is not something you’d pawn off

Did you know that Queen Isabella pawned her royal jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ expedition?

Janke recently completed the experiential graphics program for Cash America’s Team Conference and Learning Center, located in their Fort Worth, Texas Headquarters. The interior architectural graphics program and their one-of-a-kind 300sq. ft. “Story Wall” are designed to create an unforgettable branded environment.

The Story Wall provides a complete history of Cash America as well as a timeline of the Pawn industry itself. The wall features a system of 40 fully interchangeable modular panels that wrap an interactive digital room directory. The company mission statement, 2 storytelling video displays, scrolling customer testimonial, and 40 layered and back-lit transparency photo panels complete the visual experience.

“The entire conference center is beautiful. The history wall really looks great, and adds that unique aspect to the center that will interest anyone who comes for meetings.”
Scott Turner