Award stamp

Design awards not by design

At Janke, we don’t spend much time thinking about entering design competitions. Most of the time we keep our eyes on our clients needs, just trying to create work that makes them shine. Our sense of value is tied to our clients success, not our own. Recently, however, we submitted a few of our designs to the American Graphic Design and Advertising 29 Awards, and are proud to announce that we have 10 winners!

The designs range from logos, stationery sets, brochures and direct mail, to trade show displays and environmental graphics programs – our stationary design for The 704 won Best in Category for Stationary Sets. It had been several years since we had taken the time to submit work for any awards, and it feels good to know that our time was well spent creating designs worthy of peer recognition. If you would like to see our award winning work, click over to our portfolio and check it out!