Young women using social media on smartphones

Brand Connections

As the experiential economy gains trending momentum, the connection economy is fast emerging as the future trend. And the two actually go hand-in-hand. As best-selling author and blogger Seth Godin puts it, we are in the middle of the “connection revolution” as we try to figure out how to fit into the constant connectivity of today’s modern world.

A brand now has many options for reaching consumers. When Austin hosts SXSW each year, there are countless shows and events that require admission simply along the lines of checking in with an app or retweeting a particular tweet. For example, Ballpark Franks gave followers the chance to retweet a specific tweet of theirs to win a VIP pass for a popular musical attraction. This created a domino effect and allowed the brand’s outreach to connect with the larger audience of extended connections from its original followers. Basically, it’s simple promotion allowed Ballpark to extend its brand connectedness.

Engagement is absolutely necessary nowadays. If brands are not constantly connecting with customers, they risk becoming irrelevant. Engagement is necessary to personalize a brand in the world of social media. Brands need to connect with consumers effectively and use those connections to engage a larger audience. The power of being social is invaluable. Brands can no longer be dormant; just a name at the bottom of the printed ad becomes a lost opportunity. Social media connections demonstrate the personality of a brand and strengthen its bond with its target market. It creates connections and leverage. And followers can make for good customers and good brand ambassadors.

It’s time to get connected.